State Street Undercrossing Improvements

Sep 25, 2023

By Jeff Shelton, Architect

In 2019, we were contacted by Bengal Engineering asking if we’d like to join their team as architectural consultant for a new Santa Barbara Public Works project. Bengal was putting together a proposal for the State Street Undercrossing, a corridor which passes under the 101 Freeway and connects Santa Barbara’s waterfront to downtown Santa Barbara. This ‘undercrossing’ or ‘underpass’ is sort of a gateway to and from the beach to the city but the walking experience has always been a little grim, and having to walk under a noisy four-lane freeway is not natural. The existing bridge portion of the undercrossing is actually quite remarkable, especially for a Cal Trans project, and this extraordinary bridge design set the stage for our pedestrian improvements below.

[Drawings by Jeff Shelton. Digital Renderings by Harrison Smith of Bengal Engineering.]

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