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Building community engagement in Santa Barbara through collaborative initiatives with businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods along State Street.

Did you know that State Street is undergoing a Master Plan Process? Learn more about it.

State Street Master Plan Process

The CREATESTATE State Street Master Plan

What is the Master Plan Process?

The State Street Master Plan is a long-term visioning document for the revitalization of downtown over the next 20-30 years.

What’s Going On

March 18 State Street Master Plan Update

March 18 State Street Master Plan Update

On Monday, March 18, the State Street Advisory Committee will meet to receive an update on Create State - The State Street Master Plan Process and timeline from City Staff. Additionally, City Staff and a volunteer architect group will present updates to some of the...

Tips for Making Public Comments at City Meetings

Tips for Making Public Comments at City Meetings

Check the meeting agenda for the public comment section. Prepare concise comments on relevant agenda item. Register at the meeting to speak. Arrive early and sign in to speak. If you're watching remotely, raise your hand online and wait until they call you name. If...

Giving Thanks, from Friends of State Street

Giving Thanks, from Friends of State Street

On behalf of Friends of State Street, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and engagement. With our collaborative "for community, by community" approach, we have successfully partnered with other community organizations to bring to...

A Word from Our President

“Welcome to the official website of Friends of State Street! We’re excited to engage with the Santa Barbara community at every step of the State Street Master Planning Process.

What truly makes this initiative extraordinary is the opportunity for collective action. Thriving communities are built on the principles of collaboration, teamwork, trust, and vision.

Your input and participation are invaluable as we work towards creating a vibrant and sustainable future for State Street.”

Sharon Rich, Founding President and CEO,
Friends of State Street

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